My name is Pete Goodall, and I am a freelance product consultant working in and around London, United Kingdom. I specialise in Lean Product development and can work with early-stage startups as well as large corporates.

My Story

I started working in the software industry back in 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts with a small software company called Ximian. Though I started as a support technician and knew little about software at the time, I soon moved up to assist the sales team and helped close their biggest clients. When Ximian was acquired by Novell in 2004, I was asked to take on the role of Product Manager for what would become Novell Linux Desktop (later renamed SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop). From there began my love of Product Management and my obsession with engaging with customers to make the products they love.

Since then I have worked across a number of industries - including digital entertainment, big data, analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and FinTech.  I moved to London, UK in 2007 and worked for Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu). Where I worked with hardware companies like Dell, HP and Lenovo to create products based on Ubuntu. I later moved up to work for the founder in his Product Strategy team where I drove and spearheaded projects such as Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu TV. After 11 years in open source I needed a change, and started to diversify the products I worked on. 

For the last few years my focus has been on building products based on data, improving products through analytics and embracing the lean product development method. Below you will find a bit more information on the areas of my experience.