The  new home&Away  responsive mobile website

The new home&Away responsive mobile website


The banking and finance market is an interesting one because it is one of those industries that has been extremely resistant to change. Of course, this is for good reason, as banks and other financial institutions are responsible for protecting your money, and that means they are also highly regulated. Unfortunately, that conservatism has lead to the rise of many smaller challengers that threaten to eat away at their customer base. 

I joined the HSBC Digital Products group where I worked with a team to reinvent their credit card offers programme, and release the new home&Away (no that isn't a typo). While the product is very simple on the outside the work we did enabled HSBC to create Cloud-based digital products with continuous releases, with constant feedback from real people and in a fraction of the time. We also created a product that will grow and improve over time, and can surface the benefits of being an HSBC customer through a variety of digital products.

I will soon be writing more about my thoughts on FinTech, so keep an eye on the Digicratic Blog.